Installations premontadas

Technical characteristics:
Electrical installation of hollow
  • Set of wirings with connectors of fast connection for series and pulsadores separate.
  • Box with stop of foso, plug, and conmutador of light of hollow.
  • Box with pulsador for telephone call.
  • Canal portacables ranurada (closed under request).
  • Accessories of fixation for canal and irons.
  • Supports of flat hose.
Electrical installation of cabin
  • Flat hoses with connectors WAGO according to characteristics of the installation.
  • Box of review with alarm and light of emergency wired up for all the elements of installed control in cabin.
  • Derivaciones enchufables With connectors enumerated in the box of review of all the elements in cabin.
  • Paradores Electromechanical Gervall of final of career.
  • Kit Of positioning of the cabin by magnetic detectors and magnets.
  • Set of supports for the distinct hoses and actuators.
  • Accessories of fixation.
Rosario of lights
  • Portalamparas Hubblot IP44
  • Fluorescent IP65
Push button pannels of cabin and floorsWired up and totally tried - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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