Puede hacerlo mediante el formulario de contacto, email, teléfono o visitando nuestras instalaciones.   BET+ · Building Elevator Technology Calle de les Moreres, 51 08820, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona. Teléfono Oficina y Comercial +34 93 13 13 910 Teléfono Asistencia Técnica +34 807 454 100  * Coste máximo de la llamada a partir del segundo 20: 1 Eur/min (desde la red fija Movistar) y 1,30 Eur/min (desde la red móvil). + IVA. Otros operadores consultar. Horario de atención (oficina, comercial y asistencia técnica) Lunes a jueves: 8 a 14 h - 14:30 a 17 h. Viernes: 8 a 14 h. Agosto: 8 a 14 h. Email administracion@betelevator.com


It can do it by means of the form of contact, email, telephone or visiting our installations.
BET+ · Building Elevator Technology
Street of them Moreres, 51
08820, The Prat of Llobregat, Barcelona.

Telephone Office and Commercial
+34 93 13 13 910

Telephone Technical Assistance
+34 807 454 100 
* Maximum cost of the call from the second 20: 1 Eur/min (from the fixed net Movistar) and 1,30 Eur/min (from the mobile net). + VAT. Other operators consult.

Schedule of attention (office, commercial and technical assistance)
Monday to Thursday: 8 to 14 h - 14:30 to 17 h.
Friday: 8 to 14 h.

August: 8 to 14 h.

I accept to receive advertising (optional)
I accept the conditions and legal terms
Here name is the Manager of the treatment of the personal data of the User and informs him that these data will be treated of compliance with the had in the valid rule in personal data protection, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) by what facilitates him the following information of the treatment.
Purpose: Attend the applications received of the interested, by means of our form of contact.
Addressees: they will not yield data to third, except legal obligation.
Rights: You Has Right to Access, rectify and suppress the data, as well as other rights, as it explains in the additional information.
Additional information: it Can consult the additional information and detailed on Data protection in our privacy policy.
It works with us
They see to work with us in BET+! We are looking for new incorporations to expand our squad. If it interests you work in a company of future and modern, command us your CV by means of email and will answer you in the main shortness.

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