Module EKM68

El módulo de control EKM68 ha sido diseñado para poderse adaptar a los espacios mas reducidos, especialmente apropiado para maniobras sin cuarto de máquinas, en marco de puerta: 20 cm.
The module of control EKM68 has been designed to be able to to adapt to the spaces but reduced, especially appropriate for manoeuvres without chamber of machines, in frame of door: 20 cm.
Technical characteristics:
Number of stopsUntil 64
Type of manoeuvreSelective in go# down/or universal rise.
GroupsUntil 8 elevators
Control of Series3 entrances to 220V
Communication Series
  • 1 connection  CAN-bus (2 threads)
  • 2 connections LIN-bus  (1 thread)
  • 1 port DCP (connection VVVF)
  • 1 port connection Telemantenimiento
Digital starts
  • Positional
  • Arrows of direction
  • Luz Works
  • Register of call
Starts by contacts of relays8 relays with free function of configuration
Regulation of time
  • Time stopped
  • Time of door
  • Blockade by time of route
Special functions
  • Llavín Firemen
  • Evacuation
  • Automatic returns
  • Dynamic parkings
  • Lame elevators
  • Exclusive call
  • Short routes
SpeedUntil 3 m/s by means of positioning by encoder
Entrances for connection of encoderIncremental
Control of temperatureEngine and room of machines
Control of traffic
  • Control of abuse of calls
  • Autorregulación of traffic
  • Recognition of conflictive points
  • Tendencies of traffic
SignageLEDs Indication of the state of entrances / exited
Programming and diagnostic
  • Free configuration of all the entrances/exited
  • Modification of all the parameters by means of console of programming EKM6402 and TRM6502
  • Magnetic detectors.
  • Encoder Situated in the limiter, in the guides or in the engine.
Memory of failures250 events
TelemantenimentoVia serial port
LanguagesSpanish, English, French, German and Portuguese
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