Guide of topics of conversation to avert in an elevator

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Guía de temas de conversación a evitar en un ascensor

The social nets, the last political scandal or the fashionable series. We are him like exiting to the step of any talk among floors

Thanks to that all the world knows what does each one in each moment, work and grace of Facebook and Instagram, this so dreaded topic of conversation in the offices that are the holidays has turned into a much lighter exchange (type: "Go wonderful photos went up of Ibiza, which holidays have paste you", in front of what the another person assents, ufana and happy of not having to give a lot of details because this work already did it road 3G). While we expect to that the social nets or the evolution of the species rid us of all the conversations prescindibles that threaten every time that one goes in in an elevator, have identified some of the most boring so that it can exit of the step.

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