Pictures of Manoeuvre with Variation of Frequency (VVVF)

Cuadros de Maniobra con Variación de Frecuencia (VVVF)
Technical characteristics:
System of controlEKM66
Variator of frequency
  • Variator Fuji Frenic Lift 220V / 380V
According to tension of the net.
  • Prepared for connection of encoder.
  • Variator programmed according to characteristics of the installation.
  • Keyboard of programming
  • Included filter and resistance of braked.
Type of manoeuvreSelective in go# down/or universal rise
Tension of entrance220 Vac / 380 Vac.
Tension of series220 Vac
Transformer multitensión
  • Diet of brake and levies.
  • Starts: 24, 60, 72, 100, 125 and 190 Vac.
Control of doorsStart for automatic door monofásica and VVVF
Starts 24Vdc
  • Positional binary
  • Register of call
Starts multitensión
24, 110 and 230 V.
  • Arrows of direction
  • Luz Works
  • Luz open door
Entrances 24Vdc
  • Fotocélula
  • Complete
  • Excess of load
  • Llavín Of firemen
  • Pulsador Close doors
Indication cabin to level of plantLed In the door of the cupboard
Control of temperatureEngine and room of machines
Programming and diagnosticConsole of programming EKM6402 and TRM6502
PositioningMagnetic detectors.
Memory of failures250 events
TelemantenimentoVia serial port
LanguagesSpanish, English, French, German and Portuguese
CupboardHIMEL IP-55 dimensions 800x600x250
RuleFulfillment Norma European IN-81.1 - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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