We complete our available service and post-sale of components of elevators with a complete technical support specialised for reslver his doubts and problems with our products. It check the advantages to work with BET+.

Technical assistance

The technical department is formed by personnel highly qualified and with ámplia experience in the sector, to be able to give a fast and effective solution to the surgeries posed by our clients.


We want to contribute to that the personnel of our clients was to the but tall level of qualification, to be able to develop his work of the form but effective and autonomous possible.

New Projects

We have the but advanced and versatile technology in elevators, what allows us make personalised projects to the needs of our clients, in installations that by his special characteristics do not find in the market a standard solution.


We offer to our clients an exclusive department to make the reparations of fast and effective form, achieving minimise the time passed from the reception of the materials damaged and his return. 


All our products have a period of guarantee of 2 years, from the date of delivery or sending of material, this guarantee does not include to the no manufactured elements by us, that remain subject to the guarantee of the manufacturer.


If has any doubt on our products or services, are to his disposal by means of form, email or telephone to clear them. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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