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4.500 elevators have to spend already the technical inspection in Canaries

Around 4.500  elevators  of all Canaries need to spend immediately the corresponding technical inspection fruit of the new autonomic rule that went in in...

Inside the external elevator taller of the world

The national park of Zhangjiajie (sureste of China) possesses an elevator with some figures of record

The second was of the elevator

The assistants to the World-wide Fair of 1854 in New York spent a fright. When heaving the gaze, found with a man on a metallic platform, to more than ten...

An elevator that works with your own impulse

A Dutch studio designs a new elevator to treat to reduce the electrical consumption

Guide of topics of conversation to avert in an elevator

The social nets, the last political scandal or the fashionable series. We are him like exiting to the step of any talk among floors - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat
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