4.500 elevators have to spend already the technical inspection in Canaries

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4.500 ascensores deben pasar ya la inspección técnica en Canarias

Around 4.500 elevators of all Canaries need to spend immediately the corresponding technical inspection fruit of the new autonomic rule that went in in force this month of September.

Like this it detailed it recently the director of the area of formation of the Federation of the Metal and the New Technologies of the province of The Palms (Femepa),Víctor Blond, the one who advanced that this quantity have to do it already and this goes to suppose a main demand of technicians ascensoristas. Blond enciphered in 35.000 the installed elevators in all Canaries that from the Monday have to receive to the new rule that presented the past Tuesday the regional Government.

Elevators paralysed if they lack the inspection

In virtue of this regulation, the elevators that have not spent his corresponding technical inspection periodic will be paralysed cautelarmente until the organism of control certify that they find in good condition of operation.
The new norm establishes that the conservative entities “have to communicate by means of card, and in a time limit of two months, to the headlines of the elevators the obligation to fulfil with the compulsory periodic inspections that regulates the state norm” and that “in case of not to do it, the conservative will have to proceed to his paralización”, establishes the decree.
They are the owners of the devices, according to the new normative, those that have to hire to an organism of control to carry out said inspections. The National Entity of Accreditation (ENAC) offers in his web page a searcher of entities accredited where can consult the organisms that have accreditation in Canaries to carry out this task.

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