Module EKM66

El equipo de mando EKM66 dispone de avanzadas prestaciones mediante el uso de un potente microprocesador. El módulo base permite la conexión de periféricos que se comunican a través de puertos serie CAN o LIN bus con la tarjeta principal. 
The squad of control EKM66 has of advanced provision by means of the use of a powerful microprocessor. The basic module allows the connection of peripherals that communicate through serial ports CAN or LIN bus with the main card. 
Technical characteristics:
Number of stopsUntil 64
Type of manoeuvreSelective in go# down/or universal rise.
GroupsUntil 8 elevators
Control of Series3 entrances to 220V
Communication Series
  • 1 connection  CAN-bus (2 threads)
  • 2 connections LIN-bus  (1 thread)
  • 1 port DCP (connection VVVF)
  • 1 port connection Telemantenimiento
Digital starts
  • Positional
  • Arrows of direction
  • Luz Works
  • Register of call
Starts by contacts of relays8 relays with free function of configuration
Regulation of time
  • Time stopped
  • Time of door
  • Blockade by time of route
Special functions
  • Llavín Firemen
  • Evacuation
  • Automatic returns
  • Dynamic parkings
  • Lame elevators
  • Exclusive call
  • Short routes
SpeedUntil 3 m/s by means of positioning by encoder
Entrances for connection of encoderIncremental
Control of temperatureEngine and room of machines
Control of traffic
  • Control of abuse of calls
  • Autorregulación of traffic
  • Recognition of conflictive points
  • Tendencies of traffic
SignageLEDs Indication of the state of entrances / exited
Programming and diagnostic
  • Free configuration of all the entrances/exited
  • Modification of all the parameters by means of console of programming EKM6402 and TRM6502
  • Magnetic detectors.
  • Encoder Situated in the limiter, in the guides or in the engine.
Memory of failures250 events
TelemantenimentoVia serial port
LanguagesSpanish, English, French, German and Portuguese
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