The elevator of the future does not spend cables and wants to resemble a vertical metre

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El elevador del futuro no lleva cables y quiere parecerse a un metro vertical

ThyssenKrupp Has presented this Thursday an able model to have several cabins in the same hollow and to move lateralmente

Displace lateralmente by an edifice on board of an elevator without cables while several cabins circulate simultaneously by the same hollow has left to be an utopia. The German company ThyssenKrupp presented yesterday in his centre of innovation of Gijón the first model to scale of MULTI, the name with which have baptised a similar system to the of the metre, in which cabins of self-propelled elevator can work at the same time in loop by an alone hollow.

Yesterday, a year after the company announced that it went to work in this new technology, put for the first time in operation this prototype, that uses two hollows of ten metres and four cabins. It promotes them the same engine that uses the system of train of magnetic levitation Transrapid, also designed by ThyssenKrupp.

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